Can I use my own student drive evaluation criteria with Desy?
Yes. In Desy, student drive evaluation criteria is completely customizable. You can use our standard criteria or your own. Desy's scoring system, using either your criteria or ours, is designed to be easy for your instructors to use and easy for your parents to understand.
Why should I use your standard drive evaluation criteria?
Desy's standard drive evaluation criteria align with the national standards. They are meant to provide meaningful feedback to your students on their progress through the course to becoming competent defensive drivers. They are also designed to be easy for your instructors to use and easy for your parents to understand. Best of all, you have a way to ensure that all your instructors are measuring the same things the same way.
I'm not comfortable having my instructors hold a tablet in their hands during a drive lesson. How can we avoid this?
Desy is meant to help facilitate the drive debrief that occurs at the end of a drive. When a student is driving, we recommned that the instructor has her hands free and is focused on observing the drive. The mobile device is stored in the trunk or glove compartment. Only when the vehicle is securely parked does the instructor pull out the mobile device and use Desy Mobile to score and submit her drive evaluation.
We team teach courses at my school. Can Desy handle that?
Yes. Desy lets you assign multiple instructors to a course. Instructors can see each other's drive evaluations and review notes meant only for staff.
What if a parent doesn't give us an email address?
We'll show you how to prepare parents to log into Desy to review and sign student drive reports. Desy is set up for parents to use their email address as their username to access the system. This allows Desy to automatically notify parents by email of important course events. If a parent doesn't provide an email, Desy can use their mobile phone number as their username instead. Then a parent will receive notifications by text message. You also have the option of sending notifications to parents by email and text.
What if an instructor leaves my organization?
In Desy, you can easily disable an instructor account, while maintaining access to all that instructor's data. An instructor whose account in disabled won't be able to log into Desy.
What if a student has special needs?
When you add a student to a course, you can document any special needs that student has. This information gets automatically pushed to Desy Mobile for your instructors to review.
Can I use Desy to document grades and attendance for the classroom portion of my courses?
At the moment, no. But this is a feature we plan to add to Desy later in 2018.


How do I get technical support for Desy?
Email us at support@driversbydesign.com or call us at +1 (800) 975-6150. We're happy to help you.
Is my data secure?
Yes. We take data security very seriosuly. Your data is safeguarded on the cloud using state-of-the-art security measures. Only you have access to your organization's data. All communication between the user interface (whether by web broswer or mobile app) and the server is encrypted using SSL. For all users, Desy enforces a strict password policy. In addition, all passwords in the system are individually encrypted.
What if I want you to train my staff on how to use Desy?
Self-serve help documents and training videos are available online for free as part of your Desy license. If you'd like additional training, contact us. We're happy to offer you webinar or on-site training for an additional, reasonable fee.
What if there’s no cell service where we do behind-the-wheel lessons?
Desy Mobile syncing works with a cell data plan or with a wireless connection. When an instructor submits a drive eval, if cell service is not available, Desy Mobile stores the data on the device. The next time the instructor returns to the office and logs into Desy Mobile, the app syncs that stored data up to the cloud.
Can I use Desy Mobile on my own personal mobile device?
Yes. Desy Mobile is available for free download on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.
Does Desy comply with FERPA?
Yes. All personal student information is securely stored on the cloud. You also have the option of choosing exactly what student information you add to Desy.
How does MDM work with a tablet I lease from you?
Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a system that lets us manage mobile devices remotely. With our MDM, we can control which apps are installed on the device. We can push updates to the device automatically. We can also lock the device, if need be, and track its location. If a user has a technical issue, we can jump on the device remotely, share the screen, and tap and type, if necessary, to resolve the issue.
Does it take a long time to sync data down from the cloud to Desy Mobile?
No. After you set up a new course, the first sync of course data down to Desy Mobile takes 3 to 5 minutes. After that first sync, subsequent syncs only take a few seconds, since only new or updated data is synced.
What if I have an idea for a new feature for Desy I think would help me?
We welcome your suggestions on how to improve your experience with Desy. Feel free to email us with new feature requests.


How does the per-student license fee work?
You only pay the per-student license fee when you get paid. Every quarter, we calculate how many students have completed a course in your program and invoice you for the total.
If I lease a tablet from you, does that include the per-student license fee?
No. The per-student license is fee is separate from the monthly fee for leasing a tablet from us.
How often will you bill me?
At the end of every quarter, we calculate how many students have completed a course in your program, then multiply that number by the per-student license fee. We invoice you for that total.
What if a student drops out of a course? Do I still have to pay the per-student license fee for that student?
No. If you don't get paid, we don't bill you for that student. Think of Desy as an additional profit center for your business. By adding value with Desy to what you offer your customers, you can charge a premium for your courses.
What if I decide to stop using Desy?
No problem. If you decide to stop using Desy, we'll give you back your data and delete it from our system.