Desy Is Powerful, Yet Easy To Use Software

Give your behind-the-wheel instructors a powerful tool for evaluating their students.
Set up your driver ed courses in minutes using Desy's intuitive web interface.

Desy Mobile drive eval screen
Near Real-Time Tracking

Key student & instructor performance metrics are at your fingertips in near real-time.

Consistent, High-Quality Instruction

Desy's scoring system is easy for instructors to use & easy for parents to understand.

Automated Parent Approvals

Save time and hassles with automated parent approvals & student reminders by email & text messaging.

Safe & Secure Data Storage

Store all your course information safely & securely on the cloud. Make state certification compliance easier.

Import Students Easily

Easily import student information in bulk from other systems into Desy.


Easily set up custom drive evaluation templates to use over & over again.

Watch us set up a course and evaluate a student drive in a matter of minutes.

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Desy On The Web & On Your Mobile Device

Access Desy on your PC or Mac with the Google Chrome browser.
The Desy Mobile app is available for both Android & iOS devices.

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Desy dashboard
Desy dashboard
Desy dashboard
Desy dashboard
Desy dashboard

How Desy works

Managing your students' learning experience through Desy is easy.

Add students to course in Desy


Your program coodinator sets up courses

When you first configure Desy, you build drive lesson templates that set out what skills your instructors will evaluate on each drive. To create a course, you drop in your drive lesson templates, instructors, and vehicles. You then import student enrollment info into the course through Desy's Quick Entry screen or by importing students in bulk using a comma-separated file (CSV). It's that simple.


Instructors sync down course info to their mobile devices

When an instructor logs into the Desy Mobile app, their course info syncs down from the cloud automatically. They now have access to all their student drive lessons. If cell service is not available, Desy Mobile stores all newly created drive eval info on the device, then syncs that data up to the cloud the next time the instructor logs in. Syncing works with both cell service and wireless connections back at the office.

Student drives in Desy Mobile
Score studdent drive in Desy Mobile


Instructors score student drives & submit evals securely to the cloud

With Desy, the drive lesson records for every student in their course are at your instructors' fingetips. They can review previous drive evals and submit new drive evals up to the cloud securely with the tap of a button. Desy lets instructors send reminders to students & parents about upcoming drives. Instructors are also able to team-teach and exchange notes about students that are seen only by members of the instructional team.


Parents review & digitally sign drive evals

When an instructor submits a drive lesson evaluation, parents automatically receive an email or text message inviting them to securely log into Desy and review their student' drive reports. While on the Desy website, they can track student progress through the course, log parent-guided practice, review lesson material related to the skills being taught, and electronically sign the drive reports.

Desy parent report
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Desy Is Priced To Grow With You

Pay only for what you need. When a student completes your course, you pay the per-student license fee.

For a tiny fraction of your per-student cost, you get a powerful student evaluation system that delights your customers & sets you apart from your competition.

Use Desy as its own profit center. By adding value with Desy, you can charge a premium for your courses.

New Customer Special — First 90 Days

$ 1/student

Unlimited installs of Desy Mobile for Android & iOS
Unlimited access to online training resources
Unlimited technical support by phone & email

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After First 90 Days — Per Student License

$ 9/student

Unlimited installs of Desy Mobile for Android & iOS
Unlimited access to online training resources
Unlimited technical support by phone & email

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Add On — Lease A Tablet From Us

$ 49/month

Samsung Galaxy Tab E tablet with Verizon data plan
Includes protective case & in-car USB charger
Unlimited remote support through our MDM system

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What Customers Are Saying About Desy

Larry Fairclo headshot

I love using Desy, as it simplifies my time. There is some time involved to get it set up, but the end result cuts down on my paperwork and gives immediate feedback to the student at the completion of their drive. I find that if I have a question about Desy, I receive help immediately.

Larry Fairclo – Diamond F Driving School, ADTSEA Teacher of Excellence (2017)
Amanda Beckner headshot

Desy has been a huge resource within my administrative position. It's a user-friendly application for my instructors to be able to easily document in-car lessons, provide feedback to parents and students, and remind parents/students for their next drives. This application can serve most, if not all the needs within the driver education community.

Amanda Beckner – Chemeketa Community College

Schedule your Desy demo

Give us twenty minutes, and we'll walk you through how to set up Desy to take your driver ed program to the next level.

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